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Tammy Dishes on Late Night Dreams

Check out this article where Tammy talks about late night dreams along with other famous female comics!


Tammy Pescatelli (@TammyPescatelli)
“I would host a late-night show if it was in my house. And in my life, like most working mothers who are trying to juggle it all — careers, family, and getting older — late night is about 8:30 p.m. It would be called the The Not-So-Late Show With Tammy Pescatelli! If it was in my house, it would start each night with me putting my son to bed and my husband in front of the TV. From there, The Not-So-Late Show would be just like any other talk show, except celebrity guests would help me with my to-do list. Sandra Bullock’s from Texas: She knows how to wash dishes and fold clothes! And musical guests can perform in a tent in my backyard. When my cranky neighbor walks over to tell me how much he hates country music, let Luke Bryan deal with him!”


Get the background scoop on Tammy and find out where she gets her amazing material from!

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